Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Brief Note on My Handle

Just FYI, I didn't just randomly or opportunistically pluck "Madame Psychosis" as a handle for this project. Back when I was on MySpace, like, all the time, I changed my screen name to MP and blogged under that name rather than my own following the "sometimes people see pictures of you binge drinking and don't hire you for entry-level jobs with shit pay" scandal of the mid-Aughts. It was a pretty haphazard attempt, since I'm pretty sure that you could still figure out that Madame Psychosis and I were one and the same and, moreover, I wasn't really applying for any entry-level jobs, regardless of pay. Plus which, I still like to think it's possible to live with the courage of one's convictions, even if the suits don't like it.

Speaking of liking things, when I traipsed back to the ghost town that is MySpace, I noticed that "Get Ready" is still the song on my profile and it seems like a pretty appropriate inaugural anthem for this blog. Please to enjoy the song stylings of Brodie Porterfield, a singer-songwriter I had the privilege of seeing at an open mic at Dayton, Ohio's Canal Street Tavern back in something like Aught-Six.

ETA: My browser froze up, which was annoying, but allowed me to see that my husband and I named this computer Ann Kittenplan, which was kind of cool.

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